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About Click to Call Tracking

Marketers have been leaning more towards click to call tracking from the past few years so we found the need to create a website that promises to provide them with important info related to click to call tracking etc. and reviews of click to call tracking platforms.  

Marketers and people associated with advertising and marketing campaigns are familiar with the concept of call tracking and how pay per call works. None of this is a new method though call tracking is relatively new than the pay per call as its origin being the yellow pages and TV infomercials etc. and it was a very known and helpful way of marketing and advertising. The modern method of pay per call has advanced to pay per click and is being used widely by many vendors and marketers for increasing the number of inbound phone calls to their business.

E-commerce vendors and marketers are introducing click to call technology on their website. This is a new technology in which web page visitors just have to click on the button if they want to make a call to your business. The rate of conversion from pay per click is much higher than pay per call. Especially after smartphones became famous the click to call phenomenon got so popular among marketers. Almost everyone has a smartphone and they usually search online so when they search and find your number they just click and they get connected to your business. You can see how easy it is. There is no need of remembering any numbers and gone are the days when you used to note down a number for queries and services only to forget it later on. Now you just are just a click away. Due to this convenience people get attracted more and more towards your business.

Where this new technology has brought up many opportunities to the marketers it also brought the need of call tracking. Earlier marketers and advertisers did not know where their traffic was coming from and they used to spend a fortune on different campaigns just because they didn’t know the campaigns that were generating most of the inbound calls to their business. After click to call technology got introduced tracking became an essential aspect because it is impossible to keep a record of calls coming from different pages and ad campaigns. Imagine you are running multiple campaigns and you don’t know which of them is doing well and which are not. This means you would be spending an extra amount on the campaigns that are not generating you a considerable number of phone calls. Through call tracking it has made possible to track down the source from where the call is coming from and spend more on that source.

Earlier it was seen as an obstacle that marketers or advertisers were not able to track the offline call to online browsing history. The journey of caller from visiting a web page to making a call and becoming a potential customer was unknown previously and so a considerable amount of important caller insights and information was being lost. The caller insight that is valued so much today was previously all going to waste but after click to call tracking, marketers were able to track and record all the caller data and used it while targeting their audience through ad campaigns. As a result the ad campaigns were usually a success. For this entire process of click to call tracking marketers need assistance because it’s just too much to handle and they cannot do it as efficiently as an expert in the field would. This assistance is being provided by click to call tracking softwares/programs/networks etc. after the rise of click to call tracking trend many softwares etc. are available for the marketers to choose from. However, choose wisely. There are many scams in the market waiting for their prey.

To save you from scammers and introduce you with A-one service providing click to call tracking platforms we bring to you a website that you can blindly trust upon,

The website has a wide range of content and literature related to click to call tracking, call tracking in general and other related aspects. The website also has reviews of some of the leading click to call tracking platforms that can help you in your business and increase your ROI. The website content is rich with important information and unbiased reviews of different click to call tracking platforms.

Before spending your money in buying services from an expensive platform we recommend you to read about it at least. This lets you have a know how about the network that you are going to be using and also clears out any other queries you might be having like pricing, etc. through research you can point out the networks that have the services and tools that you need for your business. Often times marketers get themselves network that doesn’t fulfil their needs or sometimes they get a click to call network that is really advanced for their business, this is not right either because this means you would be spending on the tools and services that are not needed by you. So, choose just the right one for you our first recommendation would be Ringba as it has customizable offers and they charge you for what they are providing you with. Also, they have demo available for you. This way you can make an informed decision and buy the network’s services if you think they are suitable to you.

The website is responsive and interactive. It has a Contact page through which you can easily reach to the expert team behind the website and ask them about any of your queries or confusions. The procedure is easy; you just have to fill an online form. Don’t worry the form is not lengthy it just asks about your name and email id and then you can type in the message you want to and send them. The cooperative team of experts will get back to you as soon as they can.

There are not many reliable sources available so we recommend using for any info you may need.



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