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Why You Should Have Click To Call Tracking?

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If you are running a business, you should be familiar with term Click To Call Tracking as various businesses are using it nowadays in order to increase their ROI as much as possible.

Does it work?


Marketing is getting tougher and tougher day by day for the modern marketer. It is more difficult than ever for marketers to turn people into their customers. For this, the modern marketer has to make things easier for people to get connected with his business. This is not an easy feat as the marketers have to overcome so many challenges.

Having a website made that can work with any device, especially with mobile phones that most people now use to browse the internet, is a really big challenge that internet marketers face.

However, the struggle of the modern marketer does not just end with having a site made. They also has to make sure that the website has the best features to surpass its counterparts. These features are very important to improve the usability of the website.

This is where “click to call” comes in. The click to call button is one of the most effective features that can set your business apart from the competition.

What Is Click To Call Anyway?

Click To Call is a clickable button on a page that links the person clicking on it to the business that owns the button. When the user clicks on the click to call button, his phone’s dialer goes into active mode. The numbers of a webpage are converted, which allows the user to place a call without having to enter any number into the dialer. 

How The Click To Call Button Works

It is very easy to create a click to call button. In order to create your own click to call link, simply place the “tel” code in the “href” symbol. However, you must make sure that the number includes the international code so that the site visitor will be able to place the call regardless of where they are located. In addition to that, it is really important that you make the link appear self-explanatory so that the user does not experience any confusion before they click on it.

Benefits Of A Click To Call Button And Click To Call Tracking

Click to call buttons and click to call tracking come with a large number of benefits for your business. Here they are.

Effective Way To Answer Queries

Whether a website is made to maximize the experience for the customer or not, the potential customer is likely to have questions or want other information that they cannot find readily available. Or it could be that they stumbled upon the website but lack any familiarity with the company and wish to know more about it.

Don’t you think the best way to deal with this situation is having a trusty agent to talk to the site visitor and answer all their queries?

It certainly is the best way in our humble opinion. In this way, any query of the caller can be answered properly, which is not possible with a pre-recorded robotic voice sometimes.

Better Customer Service

As we know that most site visitors make use of their mobile phones to search for products and services, a website that is equipped with the click to call button is highly probable to receive phone calls from potential clients. What the click to call button does is that it takes advantage of the customer’s need for convenience. With a click to call button available on a site, a customer can easily place a call, without having to memorize or dial any number, to learn more about the details of the product or service in which they are interested. This makes the overall experience of the customer better as he or she didn’t find any difficulties in order to get connected with you.

Lots Of Useful Customer Data

The click to call button is not only beneficial for the caller, it is very advantageous for the marketer as well. In fact, it is way more beneficial for the marketer.

Customer data is incredibly essential for a marketer as he can use it to find out how profitable each campaign is, make improvements in his campaigns and so on. A click to call button gets you a lot of valuable data of the customer.

By having a click to call button, you will be able to track the identity of the caller, the time and duration of the call, the whereabouts of the caller and much more. All these details are recorded in your system.

This also makes tracking conversations easier for the business. As a matter of fact, it makes tracking these details as easy as tracing PPC campaign clicks. With all these advantages, identifying your callers, their reasons for calling you and what has been said during the call are made simpler for you.

Convenient For The Business And The Customer

Having an improved interaction with the customer is as good for the company as it is for the customer.

A click to call option gives you that in a number of ways, including enabling the agent and the consumer to browse through the website together where the agent acts as a guide.

This makes the customer understand your company much better, and having a customer who understands you and your policies will result in a better business between you and the customer.


Moreover, with the inclusion of an international code to your click to call option, you will get calls from all around the world as you have made it easier for everyone to call you for free. Going for a click to call button instead of having a toll free number enables you to save some money and, as a result, raise your ROI.

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