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Click to Call Tacking: What is so Important about it!

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When you look at general Facebook Marketing campaigns, click to call has become exceptionally common. Have you noticed the ‘Call Now’ icon that so many business pages have on Facebook? That is the ‘click to call’ marketing campaign. The idea being that click to call leads t conversions far more than any other form of inbound marketing. Click to Call marketing is soon moving to Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr, making it the most commonly featured and accessible marketing strategy in the coming years. We thought we will explore the place where it exists for now and help you understand some of the Click to Call features f Facebook that are not commonly known.


Click to Call option and The Reach Ads:

Click to Call option is not a local number, it is a number that is accessible on an international level. It is in lieu with Facebook’s other Reach Ads that are basically designed to reach their target market, wherever.

You would think that Facebook ads will connect with customers close to the locality of the ad but that is not true.

A Facebook ad about an specific commodity will put the said commodity on the map of the person who seem to be interested in that specific product anywhere in the world.

You must wonder, than the user’s page must food with Facebook advertisement! That is not true because Facebook narrows down the type of commodity, the ethnic origin, styling and all other factors to ensure that only the people who are really interested in that specific product finds the ads on their pages. Facebook also allows advertisers to choose the users from multiple locations to market their advertisements to. This ensures that if you want to offer your services on more than one location, you have the freedom to do just that.

The Indirect Call to Action Icons:

Even though, click to call is the most sure fire way to get a business, many individuals are not willing to make the leap at that moment. They get the option of ‘Get Info’ that allows them to find out more about their product before making any contact. Next, they’ll be directed to the person’s website and will get a deeper look into the product and the manufacturer. Here, on your landing page, you Click to Call button will have far better attention of your reluctant customer. Now that the customer has seen and heard the full picture, they are ready to make the call.

The only downside is that you have lost your way of knowing that the lead came from Facebook. Your analytics will show your own landing page and you will find it hard to know how the person got to the landing page in the first place.

The Other Problem:

When a person clicks, Click to Call, Facebook does not connect the call, it only shows the number. It is up to the user to make the call or not. But Facebook will record it as a call in its own analytics. As a lot of people do not actually make the call; the Facebook analytics on click to call become incredibly dubious. If you really want to know how many of these analytics are true, you will need to build a more sophisticated analytic metric in Inbound Call tracking system.

AI- Powered Call Tracking:

The solution to this problem is an AI powered call tracking solution that will give you complete access to how many of your Facebook clicks are actual calls. The system will also allow you to track Google and Bing or the similar problem. The solution is a great tactic if you are spending considerable money on digital marketing. These metrics keep digital marketers honest who can, otherwise, boost of ridiculous success without any true evidence.

It saves clear money in Facebook advertisement, for example, if a customer has bought one thing from your advertisement and the AI puts it into the system, Facebook will not charge you for the ad on that person’s wall.

It is also an effective way to fight the sense of nagging when you are fiercely promoting your product online. The AI powered programs allow you to see when your promotion was becoming overwhelming so that you can curb your presence in the system.


How to Write The Best Click to Call Advertisement;
When you are spending money on digital marketing, it is hard to know how to get the right advertisement. Here are some basic points for you to remember when you are writing your Facebook Click to Call advertisement.

Write your advertisement in less than 90 words and avoid putting texts in images. Make sure that you place all the important information and do not over pitch.

Call Tracking and Analytics is the best way to make sure how your advertisement is impacting your consumer. Many businesses get numerous calls that do not lead to any business. The main reason is that individuals need the business to read their minds. You will be more effective in achieving that goal if you are doing the call tracking effectively.


Times of Advertisement Displays matter because they click the advertisements to call. If your advertisement is not available in the day time in an area, then no one will bother to try. Call tracking data helps here as well as it shows how the callers are using call hours.


Keep an eye out for what is working and what isn’t. Make sure that you understand that the advertisement is working or not. Also try and make sure that you know exactly why the advertisement is working. If something is working in a mysterious way; it can stop working in a mysterious way as well.


Inbound Call Tracking software is an investment worth making because digital marketing costs money. If you cannot hold your marketer accountable then there is just no point to the process.

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