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Click to Call Tracking Tips for Digital Agencies

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Are you a digital marketer looking forward to attract more and more people to your business through your website? Then you should definitely get familiar with call tracking as it is one of the basics for any digital agency whether they are just a startup or a big agency. You know the importance of call. When someone calls your business call tracking basically allows tracking these calls and measuring them to optimize your ROI.

In a digital agency you have this benefit of being able to measure everything which helps you grow. So, let’s look some click to call tracking tips and its importance for a digital agency.  

How Click to Call Tracking Gets You More Money?

In the digital agency you measure the quality leads that are being generated through your marketing campaigns by call tracking. If you are getting more calls from a particular campaign then you know that it is working well for your business and hence you continue spending on it as the return you are getting is big. We suggest you going through all the data that call tracking captures regarding calls and customers so that you are able to plan ahead of time and get the success you want quickly.

Tips for click to call tracking

Call tracking lets you see a complete picture of what how your marketing efforts are doing so basically the times have changed now and people are inclined more towards their smartphones than any other form of communication they find it easy and simple for them to call a business just by one click. In this fast running society no one has the time for form filling like before. Also, the ratio of phone calls is three times more than a form.

Miss no opportunity

Call tracking lets you use advanced tools and IVR technology so that you don’t lose any of your callers. As a digital marketer you know that inbound phone calls are an integral part of your business and you cannot afford to lose any calls, for you every call is important. You should monitor the number of calls that are being unanswered and for this you can install call tracking. It is the easiest way of keeping a record of the number of calls that are being abandoned.

An Enhanced Customer Experience

A customer wants a personalized experience when they call you. This means that you are supposed to figure out the best ways of getting them satisfied. Here all you should do is record calls using call tracking and monitor your staff, agents, etc. performance during the conversation. Through this you are able to see that how your customer responds to the interaction. Upon the end of every week we suggest you to provide your sales agents with a detailed feedback and training regarding their conversations over the call so that they are able to improve if they are not doing well and if they are doing well then you should praise them, there is no higher motivation than that.

Use the Dashboard

Many of the call tracking platforms provide their customers with a dashboard which is basically a visual representation of whatever goes on during the call like the time, location and even duration etc. of the call. Based upon this you are able to make up trends and see what time you get the most number of calls. Using this you can build up your working hours and get the most agents on phones so that there is no call that is being abandoned or unanswered. If you have the kind of business that get the most number of calls on weekend then you should build your weekly schedule according to that and give your agents wages etc. for working on a weekend.

After all these tips and importance related to call tracking you might be wondering which one to choose. Worry no more we are here with a list of some of the best platforms available for call tracking.


Ringba Is a unique call tracking platform that provides with a very accurate and efficient level of call tracking. With Ringba you don’t have to worry about your calls getting abandoned. Ringba has all the advanced tools required for a digital agency.

It allows you to track the campaigns that are generating the most amounts of calls to your business and so you are able to make an informed decision related to your marketing spend. You can also eliminate the ones that are not working well for you.


Invoca is a call intelligent platform and is almost number one when it comes to call tracking. Invoca is a very innovative platform and provides with all the latest technology. Invoca also makes sure that you don’t miss any call and that your customers get a good personalized experience. The data it provides through call tracking lets you make more audience for your brand.


CallRail is another one of the leading call tracking platform available today. Other than the basic tools CallRail also have some advanced tool and a dashboard that lets you visualize your call performance. Through this feature you are able to make difficult decisions and also adjust your timetable etc. CallRail is recently getting popular with the digital agency and if you don’t want to be left behind you should check it out, it’s pretty decent.


It is a smart platform that has helped many marketers in building their ROI and improving the number of call by optimizing and maximizing their marketing efforts, all thanks to its advanced call tracking.

In today’s world we cannot imagine someone in the digital agency who doesn’t have a clue of the number of inbound calls they are making through their ads. It is the basics of success for the marketers now and everyone wants to do well. Choose call tracking for your digital agency and you would not regret it!